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‘People really want to know and trust you’: The benefits of being a regional lawyer

Mudgee lawyer Sally Callander opens up about her experience working in the legal profession and opening her own firm in regional Australia.

Recently, Ms Callander joined Jerome Doriasamy on The Boutique Lawyer Show, where she reflected on the cultural differences between Sydney and Mudgee in the legal profession. She spoke about opening her own practice and the opportunities available in regional areas due to increases in remote work.

In that episode, she also spoke about her experiences as a female lawyer in the regions.

Before moving to Mudgee, Ms Callander’s first job was at a law firm in Sydney, and she was confronted with a culture of competitiveness.

“I think there were 170 people who were interviewed for the job,” she said. “It was a three-round interview … you had to do a test … and the third round was that you were interviewed by everyone who worked there on a panel.

“I got that job there, and it was super competitive, and it was a really, really terrible time.

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