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In the know: Marnie Robbins, First National Mudgee

In this edition of In the Know, our Conveyancing solicitor Emily Thorn sits down with Marnie Robbins, Sales Agent at First National Mudgee.

With the weather warming up, Marnie has shared with us her thoughts about the Mudgee property market during what is considered the real estate peak season, Spring.

It’s always a good time to sell your home, Marnie says, but springtime does have its advantages. Gardens are beautiful and full of colour, there’s less stress on vendors to keep their houses climate controlled for prospective buyers and there’s often an influx of enquiries leading into the warmer months.

With an increase of buyer enquiries, it is important for vendors to put their best foot forward to try and stand out from the crowd.

“During Spring there’s an increase in the number of listings that come to market. Property styling could be a huge advantage in helping your property stand out from the rest. Paying for quality marketing and attending to the little jobs in the garden or home to ensure you are presenting the property in its best light.”

When asked if a purchaser should wait until the cooler months to enter the property market, Marnie says it’s important to take a step back and focus on what your goals are. In the current Covid climate, she emphasises how important it is to enjoy where you live – especially since we’ve all spent longer than we’d ever thought we would at home over the last two years.

It’s impossible to know what the market will do next, she says, and if you’re keen to make your next property move, it might not be smart to wait.

“There’s still not enough stock to service the buyer enquiries we currently have and when we get out of lockdown, we’re expecting things to get busier.”

Sometimes we like to overanalyse our next move. Marnie suggests that we should focus more on how these decisions make us feel and what they could mean for our families.

You can check out First National Mudgee's current listings here:

Emily Thorn is a Property Lawyer at Sally Callander Law. She prides herself on delivering trusted advice and building long-term relationships that help her community continue to grow and thrive. Contact Emily today on (02) 6395 9780 to book an appointment.

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